Azo– what?

I never thought it would be us. In fact, I only sent Mr.E for the semen analysis because I’m an impatient person. I didn’t want to wait for a whole freaking year and then regret not doing it sooner.

I remember checking the online patient portal thing for the results every single day, multiple times a day (impatient, remember?) and finally on the 7th day I called and asked the nurse for the results. She said she’d call back. I was driving when the phone rang. I eagerly picked it up expecting to hear her voice. Imagine my surprise when the doctor introduced himself instead of the nurse. Immediately I knew there must be something wrong otherwise the nurse would have been the one on the line. I pulled into a parking lot so I could concentrate on what he was saying:

– best technician, 20years experience worked on Mr.E’s sample
– no sperm (WHAT??)
– 2.5 ml of semen, that’s normal
– does Mr.E have a family history of Cystic Fibrosis?
– Mr.E should get some hormone testing done
– depending on the results of the hormone tests, maybe we should do a genetic test for cystic fibrosis

Fortunately my job requires me to think very clearly in the midst of crazy amounts of pressure so I was able to be perfectly calm, ask appropriate questions and go straight into “fix it” mode without hesitation. I picked up the scripts for the blood work and we went straight to the hospital for the blood tests. Then… more waiting for results…

Mr.E’s Results:
Testosterone: 480 (normal, low end)
FSH: 15.4 (high, norm is 1.0-12.0)
Prolactin: 12.5 (slightly high)
LH: 7.2 (normal)
Inhibin B: 12 (very low, norm is 40-450)
Estradiol: 24.9

The other thing about me is that I’m an information freak. I think it relates back to the impatient thing. I don’t want to wait for an appointment with a doctor to get answers and start more testing. I want to get as many tests as possible done so that when we get to the doctor he can tell us the whole story.

If you want to go this route you gotta know what tests to ask for. But, if you’re like me, you don’t know what you don’t know. That’s where the research comes in. Hours and hours and hours of research. Many sleepless nights reading anything and everything I could get my hands on. I will post links to the most helpful articles, blogs and studies that I found in my journey.

The first thing I found is that this no sperm thing has a name: azoospermia. It’s pronounced A-zO-uh-sperm-ee-uh (long A and long O with emphasis on sperm). There are 2 kinds of azoospermia, obstructive and non-obstructive. I’ll let you do your own research on the details of what those are. Likely if you’re here you just want to know what happens in our story and maybe what you should do next if this is happening to you, too.


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