Cycle Day 3 – birth control pills

IVF#1 – CD3, Monday, 12/3/12

Well, I’ve been waiting for this day since 9/18/12 when we got Mr.E’s first semen analysis results back with a big fat 0. I knew it would lead to IVF with ICSI. I had no idea at the time what would be involved with an IVF cycle, though I had a vague idea of needles and hormones.

I was very surprised to hear that birth control pills are the first step to an IVF cycle, though it makes sense now. Basically the follicles on your ovaries are all at a slightly different stage of development. Taking BCP for 2-3 weeks is sort of like hitting a reset button for your next cycle. Then the doctor will be able to grab as many mature eggs as possible on your scheduled ovulation day (about 40 days from today, I think), now called Egg Retrieval Day.

I won’t get my personalized IVF protocol with what hormones I’ll be taking until this Friday, but I was told to start these BCP on CD3 and to call in to make an appt for a sonohyst and a trial transfer. I’ll get you more details about what those entail as soon as I have them.

I’m very excited! I’ve had butterflies in my stomach all day! Praying they’ll find sperm during Mr.E’s TESE in 10 days.

Here is a link to an IVF Cycle Calculator.


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