TESE Emotional Rollercoaster Update

IVF#1, CD7, Friday 12/7/12

Wow, this roller coaster doesn’t know when to end. Just last night I was on cloud nine thinking how lucky we were that the hospital scheduling error actually got us in a day early for Mr.E’s TESE biopsy.

Today we were told that the TESE wasn’t scheduled for 12/13 but for 2/13, three months from now! They might as well have told me it was 3 years from now. It was so outrageous that I didn’t even get upset because I knew it would get fixed or I would take Mr.E somewhere else.

After clearing that up, now we are tentatively set for 12/21. Ugh. 2 more weeks again.

I just want to know if we even have a chance at having babies! The suspense is killing me.


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