Tips for Getting Your Test Results Quickly

Want to get your 23andme results back super quick? Mr. E and I got ours back in 12 days.

Here are the steps to take to get your 23andme test results faster:

1. Register your kit online.

2. Ship it back overnight instead of using their free USPS shipping label (first class mail could take 2 weeks). You can use the same mailing address.

3. Answer the health questionnaire online right away. It will seriously delay the start of analyzing your DNA unless you’ve answered those questions.

Thats it! Once they start analyzing the DNA, it usually only takes 7 days to complete the health information.

Good luck!

Our 23andme Results

So, 2 weeks ago today I overnighted our test kits back to We got our results back today!

What is They do genetic testing. They check thousands of gene variations using one saliva sample for $99. Then they provide you with their interpretation of your data. For example, what risk you have for getting Alzheimer’s or Type II diabetes. They’ll also tell you other random facts like what your probable eye color is and what kind of earwax you have.

When I first visited their site I got annoyed because I couldn’t find the list of tests and choose which ones I wanted. That’s because there is only one test. And it tests for practically everything. For only $99!! It’s a steal. Do it already.

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Azoospermia Supplements

One of the first things I did when we received the results of Mr. E’s first semen analysis was look to see what pills he could take to “fix it.” Technically there’s probably not a pill you can take that’s going to magically make your sperm count go from 0 to 20+ million.

But I think there’s lots of supplements you can take and lifestyle changes you can make to increase your chances of finding sperm at your mTESE.

One thing I wish we had done sooner is see a Naturopathic Doctor. If you can find one near you, it’s worth a trip. I wouldn’t take everything they say as gospel, but because they treat the entire body (not just the heart or reproductive organs like a specialist) they oftentimes have insight into additional issues. They might think more outside the box than an MD.
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Thyroid and Male Infertility


Don’t ignore this post just because your husband’s TSH (or your TSH) came back within the normal range. Seriously. Keep reading.

Up until the early 90s researchers and doctors thought that the thyroid only affected female fertility. But a breakthrough study discovered that there are thyroid hormone receptors on the Sertoli Cells in the testes. Why is this important? The Sertoli Cells nourish sperm cells through the process of spermatogenesis. Here’s the best study I’ve found about the thyroid and sperm.

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Another Negative Pregnancy Test

My period is 4 days late.

Even though I know there’s little chance of being pregnant, I can’t help but be hopeful (and faithful that our prayers will be answered).

So I did a home pregnancy test. Big fat negative.

If I knew there was little chance of it being positive why am I so sad now?

This is the life of an infertile. Up. Down. Up. Down.

I vow right now that someday when we have kids I will try to never take them for granted.

Varicocele Repair – Surgery and Recovery

Well, it turns out Mr. E had a varicocele after all. It really pays to get a second and even a third opinion.

When our TESE kept getting pushed around and delayed, I got very upset and had a little breakdown. I told my mom that I needed her to please find me a counselor (who was an answer to prayers). Fortunately our IVF clinic had a recommendation for an Infertility Counselor. If you even have the slightest impression that you could use someone to talk to, I highly, highly recommend that you ask your clinic for a recommendation.

After making an appointment with the counselor, my mom suggested that maybe my panic/anxiety/severe discomfort was less related to my impatience and possibly related to the doctor we had chosen to do Mr. E’s TESE or even to the fact that we were doing the TESE too soon. I’m so glad she said that because she was right. Continue reading