Our 23andme Results

So, 2 weeks ago today I overnighted our test kits back to 23andme.com. We got our results back today!

What is 23andme.com? They do genetic testing. They check thousands of gene variations using one saliva sample for $99. Then they provide you with their interpretation of your data. For example, what risk you have for getting Alzheimer’s or Type II diabetes. They’ll also tell you other random facts like what your probable eye color is and what kind of earwax you have.

When I first visited their site I got annoyed because I couldn’t find the list of tests and choose which ones I wanted. That’s because there is only one test. And it tests for practically everything. For only $99!! It’s a steal. Do it already.

The gene mutations I’m most interested in are the methylation mutations. Our male fertility urologist thinks I’m essentially wasting my time by looking into this stuff because azoospermia (zero sperm) is not caused by MTHFR. Maybe I am. But doesn’t it make sense to have Mr. E in the best health possible prior to mTESE (surgical sperm extraction)? I think focusing on the methylation mutations will help. There are more studies coming out everyday that say that methylation absolutely affects spermatogenesis, like this study from 3 weeks ago.

So, we already knew that Mr. E is heterozygous for MTHFR. The 23andme test also show a couple other mutations that might make getting him on the right protocol a little tricky.

I was also super excited to get my own results back. So far on this journey Mr. E has had the spotlight. What a tragedy it would be if we found sperm and then “wasted” them all with BFNs because my body wasn’t ready for pregnancy!

I also have an MTHFR mutation (heterozygous C677T) and several others as well.

More details to come in a future post. While you’re waiting, order your 23andme kit!


One thought on “Our 23andme Results

  1. You guys checked for your Male partner for “Y Chromosome Microdeletion” sad that you dosen’t know it. Go and do this test first. The husband must be having one of the Y deletion.

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