Earthing and Infertility

I used to think people who went to Naturopaths, took herbs and supplements, and did weird stuff like “Earthing” were crazy hippies. To some extent I still do, but I’m beginning to understand it a little better. Either that means I’m going a little crazy or I was wrong before.

When I went to my new naturopath a few weeks ago, he suggested I use a grounding mat to sleep on or use while working. He thought it might help me sleep better. It’s basically a device that removes built up positively charged ions from your body. Now, why on earth (pardon the pun) would we want to do that?

Apparently, those built up protons (positively charged ions) can cause problems ranging from annoying things like shocking yourself on light switches all the way to thickened blood and inflammation.

I always go to amazon first to research new products and read reviews. I found several different grounding mats and fitted bed sheets. I also found out the other name for this technique: Earthing. You can do it naturally by walking barefoot outdoors or you can do it the modern way by touching bare skin to a mat or sheet that is plugged into a grounding socket in your home (the bottom part of a 3-prong outlet) or literally into the ground outdoors. I opted for the queen fitted sheet and will probably plug it into the grounding socket instead of outdoors.

So what does this have to do with infertility? Do I think that Earthing is going to make Mr.E’s testicles produce sperm? No. But I do think that Earthing has the potential to provide some benefits which may benefit our fertility:
– help reduce inflammation (which is key in patients with Hashi’s)
– increase quality of sleep (sleep is very helpful for people who are at a high level of emotional stress due to infertility)
– regulate my cortisol levels (if I feel better, maybe I will be able to take better care of Mr.E)

So as you can see, I think Earthing may have a secondary or tertiary effect on fertility. If you’re interested in learning more, you can buy this book. Or it comes free with your mat or sheet purchase.

Have you ever tried it? Barefoot or with a mat or sheet? What was your experience?

Our queen fitted sheet arrives Wednesday. I’ll keep you updated!

UPDATE 12/13/13:
We’ve been using the earthing sheet on and off for about 6 weeks now. We love it. It’s funny because we don’t notice anything consciously while we’re laying on it, but I noticed that when we use it I no longer wake up hot in the middle of the night. I definitely sleep more soundly. I can also sleep in when I want to!

So far we’ve washed it a few times. Once one of our fur babies had the barfies. And another time I may have spilled a little of my favorite Peach Mango salsa from Costco on it 🙂


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