Princess Kate

I read this blog post today. It really resonated with me. Especially the part about “STOP STEALING MY BABIES!”

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has been stealing my life for the past 4 years.

First she got engaged before I did when I felt like I’d waited forever. I got engaged a couple months later.

Then she gets married in a replica of MY wedding dress 6 weeks before me. Then everybody asks if I tried to copy her dress, but I had designed mine and ordered it months before her wedding!

I’m a big fan of Anne of Green Gables, and I’ve always thought that going to Prince Edward Island for my honeymoon would be so romantic. So as we are planning our honeymoon, Princess Kate gets married and… you guessed it! They go to PEI for part of their honeymoon.

And then, she has a baby 10 months after we got the results of our first semen analysis: zero sperm. Ouch.

And I just saw on the news she’s pregnant again. If our IVF #2 had worked then I would finally be ahead of her, just by a month or two. But, of course I’m not.

And I just want to tell her to stop stealing my babies. Stop being skinny and perfect. Stop stealing my whole freaking life.

This is what infertility does to a person. It makes you jealous and petty and unreasonable. It makes you assume everyone else takes their babies and pregnancies for granted.


3 thoughts on “Princess Kate

  1. yah….I totally know what you mean in the last paragraph….and thank you for making me laugh….and I love Anne of Green Gables too!! When we were twelve my best friend and I did a re-enactment and had her aunt film it….a very serious re-enactment…it was hilarious πŸ™‚ If I could post it here, I would….but it was before the digital era….

    • Oh my gosh that is SO funny! You’ve got to get that transferred into digital format!! The only funny video we ever made when we were little was an exercise video to Baby Got Back. We used socks to make ourselves “fat” and then during the video we would say stuff like, “Watch the fat melt right off!” and then we would pull socks out πŸ™‚ If only weight loss worked that fast!

  2. Oh my goodness this is so true! Im literally like the only one around me who isnt a mother husband is suffering from azoospermia too..we have struggled with what to do for 5 years…we finally decided to do IUI with a sperm donor…recently my husband informed me he wants to ask his brother who has two beautiful girls to be our donor…we havent talked with him or his wife yet…I get jealous of others all the time and think they take it all for granted when they complain…

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