Cheapest IVF Medications

For IVF #3 I decided to do a much more in depth search for the cheapest place for IVF medications. I surprised myself with the results! And, of course, I want to share it all with you guys so when you do your cycles you can save more money.

We’ve spent about $80,000 so far, including this IVF #3. We’ve been lucky enough to not go into debt to pay for any of it, but that had to change with this cycle 😦 We are really big believers in the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace principles. Going into debt for fertility treatments is not something he recommends, but we’re doing it anyway because time is of the essence!! So any time we can save even just a few bucks, we try to do it.

It seems that most pharmacies work out deals with the various manufacturers on pricing. Sort of like restaurants serve either Coke or Pepsi products, if the pharmacy has a good deal on Menopur, then their Repronex pricing might not be that great. Or if their Follistim pricing is good, then their Gonal-F prices might be off the charts. And vice versa. Once you know what brands your clinic prescribes, you can start calling around and googling pharmacies to check pricing.

The cheapest place I found for IVF medications is WINfertilityRx. They are associated with Walgreens of all places!!

Our clinic recommended which was cheaper than for some brands of the medications. Then I checked Walgreens (they have a Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy) which was cheaper than MDR, but they also had a link to WINfertilityRx on their site.

As I mentioned, WINfertility is associated with Walgreens and if you use them Walgreens will be dispensing your meds and shipping them to you.

WINfertility has a funny/annoying start up process. You have to “join” by submitting your email address. Kind of annoying to just get prices, but trust the process!! It’s totally worth it.

Then you fax them a copy of your prescriptions.

*Always, always, always make your clinic give you copies of everything: prescriptions, lab test results, follicle counts, directed donor summary of record, etc. *

So, you fax them a copy of the prescriptions, then a few hours later they’ll call you and email you with the price for your bundle of medications. They don’t give pricing per item, just a total. I was kind of annoyed by that, but then I’m like, who cares, just save the $1800 and don’t look back.

Wait. Did she just say $1800? Yes. Yes I did.

The other great thing about WINfertility is that they offer cash discounts, which if you follow Dave Ramsey, you learn to love. It was about a $90 cash discount. Unfortunately we couldn’t take advantage because we ran out of money and had to use credit cards.

A decent amount of my savings was from the HGH ($1,000) but the other $800 was for the stimulation meds.

One slight complication will be if your doctor prescribes HGH (like Saizen or Omnitrope). WINfertility doesn’t add HGH to their bundles, so you have to get that separately. But it’s SUPER EASY if you follow my advice above and have a copy of the prescription.

You just fax it to the pharmacy you found that fills the HGH (in my case that was Walgreens Specialty) and ask them to only do the omnitrope. Easy peasy. Save $1000 just. like. that.

Have you found great deals on fertility meds? If so, please share!!


7 thoughts on “Cheapest IVF Medications

  1. Odd-we were in the waiting room and a pharmacy rep came in on Friday trying to talk to our coordinator a about winfertility. I was under the impression that your provider had to be “in network” so to speak. No?

    • Nope! Not at all! Our clinic definitely doesn’t have any arrangement with them. We’ve only worked with 2 clinics, but I think each clinic also tends to work mostly with one pharmacy. Or, I mean they direct all their patients to one pharmacy, but of course you can get your drugs from anywhere. Maybe the rep was trying to get your clinic to make WINfertility be their go-to pharmacy?

      • I think so…although the coordinator is a cute little blonde and he could have just wanted to take her to lunch ;-). I googled them while waiting! Thanks for the extra info. I’ve been shopping around and we are not even going in till October!

  2. Haha! That’s funny! And way to be on top of things!! Every time I do my medications I feel like it’s the last minute, I get nervous they won’t arrive on time, and assumed I never had time to shop around. But walgreens and WINfertility moved pretty fast! Good luck to you!!

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