Baby Making Basket

Other people have sex toys and massage oil in their baby making baskets 🙂



4 thoughts on “Baby Making Basket

    • When my husband brought me the totes to show me the organizing he had just done (everything had been all over the kitchen table), my first thought was, “Haha, holy crap, those are the biggest baby making baskets I have ever seen!” My second thought was, “I gotta take a picture of that for my blog, that’s so funny.” My third was, “These kids better never put us in a nursing home.” 🙂

  1. argggh! I know, it sucks right?! But you so have to laugh….it’s the best medicine sometimes 🙂 Thank you for the smile. And your 3rd thought was hysterical….omg I think about that all the time…not that exact thought but more like, “after everything we have done to try to have this child/children…they better be good!!!!” LOL!!

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