IVF #3 – Stim Day 4

Today I had an ultrasound to check my progress and see if it’s time to start the antagonist drug to keep me from ovulating (Ganirelix). They counted 9 follicles on the right, the largest one was 8mm. They counted 8 follicles on the left, all less than 10mm. Not ready yet!

We had a problem with the injections yesterday and today. When we pull the needles out, big drops of medication came out, too! WTF? That’s never happened before!

Normally at this clinic they don’t order bloodwork until the end of the cycle to confirm whether or not the eggs are ready for the trigger shot, but the doctor ordered an estradiol test today. She said if it’s at about 100 then the drugs are working and we keep going as planned. If it’s low (like 20 or 30) then I lost too much of the drugs when they leaked out and then we sort of start over again tomorrow with Stim Day 1. That will kind of stink since the meds are about $500/day.

I should hear the results of the estradiol test after noon. Fingers crossed!

The nurse called and my estradiol was 138! We are good to go!!


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