IVF #3 – Stim Day 6

Today was another ultrasound. They counted 20 follicles today, the biggest one was 13mm and there were several at 12mm and 11mm. The rest were all under 10mm.

Since I have one at 13mm they had me start the Ganirelix today. Wow, it burned! And I have a large white welt around the injection site.

After we had trouble with medications leaking out on stim days 3 and 4, we decided to change the injection location a little. For me there’s like 4 square inches on either side of my belly button where I can never feel the injections and that’s where we’ve always done them, mostly because I’m a wimp. But it occurred to me that the skin is a little less flexible in my “sweet spots” because there’s bruising and very slight swelling from previous injections and maybe that’s why the medicine was leaking out. So we moved about 2 inches lower and gave the injections there: success! Stim days 5 and 6 had no leakage!

I can’t wait for egg retrieval day!


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