IVF #3 – Stim Day 8 – Problem with Directed Donor Sperm

It turns out that of the 8 vials, 1 was unlabeled, 2 were unreadable, and 1 had the wrong identification number on it. Testing the semen for DNA didn’t seem reasonable given the short period of time (4 days) that we have, so the lab director gave me 3 choices: use the other 4 vials that were marked correctly (yeah, right!), cancel the cycle, or get my BIL to fly up tomorrow and redo ALL of the testing and give a new semen sample. Neither of the first 2 options were what I wanted, but I would have cancelled before ever using that sperm without it being tested in some way, but I didn’t want to do that (I want my baby now!). So even though it seemed like a major long shot, I called my BIL to see if he’s busy tomorrow and if he wants to come up here. Can you believe he said yes?! He’s flying up here at 6am tomorrow, then we’ll go straight to the clinic for testing and the sample. All while Mr.E is living in sweet oblivion with the Boy Scouts! So many people at UCRM were really working hard for us today and will continue to do so the rest of this week and next week. I’m so grateful.

I had my Day 8 ultrasound today. They counted 19 follicles, the largest one was 18mm. I have another ultrasound tomorrow just in case, but the doctor predicts I’ll do my trigger shot in two days. (!!!) If she is right, my egg retrieval will be in four days on Friday. So it looks like everything is on track except for a big problem with the sperm…

I met with the Andrology Lab today to sign some paperwork and get confirmation that our sperm made it to the clinic ok. You won’t believe what they said.

One of the eight vials arrived completely unlabeled. No name, no date, no identifying information whatsoever.

My first reaction was, “Yikes! Throw it out! We’ll still have 7 more here in town.”

And then I was like, “Wait a minute.”

If they could screw that up, how do we know for sure that the sperm we have is really from Mr.E’s brother?? Did they label the other 7 vials correctly?

So I asked about doing some kind of DNA testing. I’m waiting to hear back from the lab to see what the heck this really means.

We went to a LOT of trouble to get Mr.E’s brother’s sperm. I will be devastated if we wind up using sperm from some random guy. Who may or may not have passed the infectious disease testing. Who may or may not be white/Caucasian. (I’m seriously as white as they come. When I was born, my mom was worried and asked the doctor if I was albino!) But more than anything, what if it’s not my brother-in-law’s sperm?

I’m totally nervous now.

WTF?? As if there’s not already a million other things to worry about right now.

I wonder if they’re gonna cancel my cycle to make sure we have time to do the DNA testing. Ugh. That will cost me another $5k in meds.

I’m so disappointed. I just wanted this cycle to be perfect.



9 thoughts on “IVF #3 – Stim Day 8 – Problem with Directed Donor Sperm

  1. I cannot believe this happened!! Good luck getting to the bottom of this. I think the original lab that sent the vials should be paying for the dna tests and any other costs if you have to re-do your cycle!

    • That’s exactly what my mom just said to me ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m kind of in shock. I’m a worrywart to begin with so the thought that someone could screw up the labeling had already crossed my mind, but I always put it out of my mind because I thought labs must have a good system to prevent such things.

    • Oh yeah, and my husband is at Scout Camp this week with a whole bunch of Boy Scouts from church, so I can’t even tell him what’s going on because there’s no cell phone service up there!

  2. OMG, I’m so sorry, not what you should have to be dealing with right now. But… lets have faith, perhaps the clinic can figure it all out soon! Sending prayers your way!

  3. I agree of course who ever made the mistake should foot the bill. This is just styes that you reapply don’t need when going through this rubbish process. If anything they should be paying you compensation for the added anxiety! !! X

    • Yes, I totally agree. If my egg output is low I’m definitely blaming them. I haven’t figured out what to say to them or how to say it or even what I want from them. I’m still kind of in shock that it happened. And now I’m in shock that it’s being fixed so easily (i.e. expensively). So far, I want a FULL refund and I’m going to report it to the FDA. I’ll sleep on it tonight and see what else I come up with in the morning! Let me know if you have any ideas!

  4. “…the thought that someone could screw up the labeling had already crossed my mind, but I always put it out of my mind because I thought labs must have a good system to prevent such things.” – you and me both!! I mean, this human-assisted way that we are subjected to trying to get pregnant opens things up to all KINDS of possibilities that wandering minds like ours can think of…..it’s crazy actually what could happen due to human error that you wouldn’t even have to think about getting pregnant the old-fashioned way….and you’d never even know sometimes.. So you just have to do what you can reasonably do, and let the rest of it go….obviously anything other than that and you’ll drive yourself crazy ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m glad you asked for the testing, that def falls under what you can reasonably and responsibly do. Praying it will not necessitate canceling!

    And oh my gosh, what a week for Scout Camp! lol.

    • Thankfully it looks like we won’t have to cancel! Just praying that his flight doesn’t get delayed or cancelled or something awful. If that happened, I might decide that God’s trying to tell me something… And you’re so right. This way we get pregnant is a miracle of modern science, but it’s also so dangerous! I never realized how much so until today.

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