IVF#3 – Stim Day 9

Major disaster averted! My brother-in-law flew in early this morning and went straight over to the clinic. He got tested for everything all over again, took the donor screening questionnaire, had a physical exam and gave a semen sample.

It almost feels like yesterday was a bad dream because everything is back to normal today. Except our credit cards have a higher balance.

Is it possible that the stress from yesterday could have screwed up my eggs? My biggest follicle today is only 20mm. Yesterday the biggest was 18. And I still have 7 under 10mm 😦 Seems like they should have grown more than that.

And today she only counted 18 follicles. Yesterday I had 19.

I should be grateful I have any! I’m so grateful the lab found the problem with the sperm in time for us to do something about it. So glad.

Hopefully my ovaries do LOTS of growing tonight and that we have the trigger shot tomorrow.


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