IVF #3 – Stim Day 10


Here’s a fun picture of one of my ovaries. You can see 7 follicles! Today my biggest follicles are 20mm again, but I have 2 @ 20mm instead of 1 like yesterday. My doctor predicts that my estradiol will be high enough today and that we will do the trigger shot tonight. If not we’ll have to order another dose of each medicine.

On a more humorous note, apparently my BIL made quite an impression yesterday. My IVF nurse told me that all the Medical Assistant girls were totally twitterpated by him! And they made her ask me if he is married or not 🙂 Sorry, girls! He’s taken!

Update: The clinic called, my estradiol is only 1,348 so I’m going to stim for at least one more day.


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