Day 1 of POAS Every Day

Because I like to know everything (control freak!) I decided that for this cycle after the hCG trigger shot I would pee on a stick every day until my hCG beta (July 15). This way I’ll know when the hCG leaves my body and I’ll know if I have a chemical pregnancy or something. That info could come in very handy.

Plus, I’ve already been in suspense for over 2 years, I’m not waiting another second, if I can help it, to find out when I do get pregnant. (Positive thoughts!)

Here’s my POAS about 16 hrs after 2,500 IU of hCG trigger shot (most people trigger with 10,000 IU, so maybe that’s why the line is so light). Unfortunately it’s not my first morning urine, but it’s the second one, so maybe that’s why the line is so light.



6 thoughts on “Day 1 of POAS Every Day

  1. THAT was very good thinking on your part….I decided I was going to do that for my frozen cycle in August. Not that I’ll have the trigger, but I realized last time that the next time I would NOT wait to find out pregnant/not pregnant when they call you! I was afraid to take the test at home for some reason….I guess maybe afraid of a false result….then it made me feel so dumb to go up there and take the blood test all hopeful, not knowing, only to be crushed when they called a few hours later. Next time I want to KNOW what my fate is and not have to have someone else tell me 🙂 I’m going to look at your other posts to remind me when your retrieval is….

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