IVF #3 – Retrieval Day and Progesterone Shots

We got up early today to go to the egg retrieval. It was mostly uneventful, except for the training for the progesterone shots. I’m scared of those. A freaking 22 gauge needle is way too big to be going inside someone’s body. And she said if he hits bone I won’t be able to feel it! WHAT??!! If he hits bone?!

So egg retrieval was mostly uneventful. The nurse said that last time they gave me twice as much anesthesia as other people get, probably because I’m a redhead and redheads need more anesthesia than people with other hair colors. But even having double again I think I still woke up in the middle. Just once this time and I don’t remember it as clearly as the first time. Just a vague recall of pain.

So all I know is that they retrieved 10 eggs. We will find out on Monday how many were mature and how many fertilized. I’m disappointed with only 10 eggs. I really wanted more, but of course I should be grateful.

For IVF #1 and #2 we didn’t have any sperm so I was able to immediately get on some Advil. I’m only allowed to take Tylenol right now which is crappy. How do people do this with just Tylenol?

And what’s with all the blood? I don’t remember having any bleeding the first two times. But this time I couldn’t make myself go pee when I first got home (I did just go successfully, thank goodness) but there was so much blood in the toilet! Do I need to pay close attention to that? Or is that normal?

Only a couple hours til my first progesterone shot. I’m scared.

By afternoon all the blood was gone! I sent an email to the clinic anyway, just to be sure. The nurse said that they had to empty my bladder during the retrieval, so that probably caused me to not be able to urinate when I first got home. She said not to worry about the blood, especially since it had stopped.

The progesterone shot went off without a hitch! Yay! We warned it up for a minute in the heating pad. Then I sat on the heating pad for about 30 min. I have no pain today at all. The shot itself hurt less than the Ganirelix/Cetritide. Those always leave welts and burn for awhile.


16 thoughts on “IVF #3 – Retrieval Day and Progesterone Shots

  1. Don’t be disappointed with 10 my dear….that is a good number! Remember, all it takes is one, and also – it’s not quantity but quality we’re looking for. I’m sure you’ve read studies that have shown when ppl are overstimulated and produce a ton of eggs, the quality of each one can suffer. It makes sense that there’s probably a finite amount of nutrition to go around, and that’s gets split into however many eggs you have….at least that’s how I explain it 🙂

    I did not have a lot of blood….but I did have HORRIBLE stomach cramps that night….so bad I almost went to the ER b/c it felt like the time five years earlier when I had an intestinal perforation. Ask the nurses about the bleeding.

    And….re: the prog shots…I heard so much that terrified me….I was soooo nervous. But, to me…..they were nothing….I kind of wondered what the fuss was about. But we all have diff pain tolerances I guess…and there are probably other factors. Good luck and I’m hoping you find them no biggie as well.


  2. I would ask a nurse about the bleeding. I have never had much bleeding. I prefer the progesterone shots so much more than the suppositories. If we need to do this in the future, I will request to do the shots again instead of the suppositories. Plus the shots are cheaper. Just make sure that he is giving them as high up in the muscle as possible and there will be very little pain!

  3. 10 is great! We only had 6, so I’d be thrilled with 10! I didn’t have any bleeding after, so maybe ask about that, just to make sure everything is okay. And honestly, the PIO shots aren’t bad at all. And I much prefer to do them myself. I’ve found a certain spot on each side where I honest to God don’t even feel them!

      • Well, yes, I do them myself, but only because I had to. My husband was doing them, but he had to travel out of town for work, and I really didn’t want to have to depend on someone else. So, I learned. And I realized I much prefer doing them myself. Which was huge for me, as I HATE needles. Maybe it’s about having more control, or focusing on actually doing the injection and therefore I didn’t notice the pain.

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