IVF #3 – Ten Growing Embryos

At 12:34 pm today someone from the Andrology Lab (didn’t catch his name) called to give us an update on our embryos. My first thought was, “Oh my gosh he said ’embryos’ – that means at least one fertilized!”

He said they retrieved 11 eggs and 10 of them were mature. I was grateful to hear that because I thought that 10 were retrieved and some of those wouldn’t be mature.

I’ve been so worried the last 2 days that none of the eggs would fertilize. Imagine our delight when he said that ALL 10 of the eggs were fertilized and growing! We are in heaven.

Of course, today is just day 2 and our little embryos have to keep growing until Thursday to make it to transfer and freezing.

We have a rule in our family that we never leave someone at the hospital, or even in their hospital room, unattended by a family member. When we left the egg retrieval on Saturday, I started crying because we were breaking the family rule and leaving our little embryos all alone. I wish I could have sat next to them all weekend and talked to them and helped keep them safe and warm. I told one of my brothers my concerns and he said, “They’re with their brothers and sisters. They’ll be OK. :-)” And I felt SO much better! Silly, I know, but it made such a difference to me. Any time I felt anxiety about them being alone, I just reminded myself that they aren’t alone. They’re all together, taking care of each other.

Praying for our little embabies. Grow, grow, grow! Be strong! Be healthy! Mommy and Daddy are waiting for you with open arms!


6 thoughts on “IVF #3 – Ten Growing Embryos

  1. that’s so adorable…your brother is sweet…and so right 🙂 I too look at it like, once fertilization occurs, they are babies just waiting to be born…I felt the same way, and when I think about our four up there in that freezer….it feels so weird lol! My husband asked if we could keep them at home with us 🙂

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