IVF #3 – 6 Weeks 2 Days Pregnant – 1st Ultrasound

Longest 18 days ever, but we finally made it!

3:56pm: We are sitting in the waiting room for our very first ultrasound!!! I have a few butterflies in my stomach. For the last couple weeks I’ve been hoping for twins, but right now I will feel so grateful if there’s any baby at all.

4:05pm: We’re still in the waiting room. Almost all of our family members live out of state, one lives in Japan, so we wanted to film the ultrasound today. We bought a new memory stick for the camera and a tripod so that Mr.E can just watch and relax and live in the moment during the ultrasound. Eeeee!!! Call our name, please!!!!

5:18pm: We’re on our way home. We saw TWO beautiful heartbeats! Baby A measures 6w1d and sac measures 6w0d. Baby B measures 6w2d and sac measures 6w4d. AAHHHH we’re in heaven!

I asked if we should be worried about Baby A being a little behind, but the doctor said that we have a 3 day leeway on the crown to rump measurements. Baby A is just 1 day behind my actual, so he thinks it’s just fine.

Mr.E is a firefighter and there’s a funny joke: what does the Mexican firefighter name his twin sons? Jose and Hose B 🙂 Mr.E told that joke to the doctor who thought it was hilarious!

IVF #3 – 18dp5dt – Betas #3 and #4

On Saturday morning (16dp5dt) I realized all of a sudden that I wasn’t nauseated anymore. I had been experiencing early morning nausea since about 5dp5dt. True to form, I immediately panicked and decided I must be having a miscarriage because my one and only symptom of pregnancy had disappeared.

So yesterday, on 17dp5dt I went and got my hCG done again, beta #3. It came back at 5,296. That seemed pretty good, but I wanted to make sure it was going up, not coming down so I got it done again today. Beta #4 was 7,716.

Hopefully the next 6 days will go by quickly. Our first ultrasound is one week from today at 6w2d.

IVF #3 – 13dp5dt – Beta #2

I just had my progesterone shot so I’m sitting on the heating pad for the next 20 min or so.

I have been seriously ADD the last couple days. I’m not sure what’s causing it: meds, hCG (yay!), infertility-turned-BFP excitement, or what. I cannot concentrate on anything for more than a few minutes at a time.

Today was Beta #2. Beta #1 was 566. Today was 1,294!! According to this beta doubling time calculator that’s a doubling time of 40.24 hours. The doctor is hoping for 48-72 hours. Hopefully rising too fast isn’t a problem.

Our first ultrasound is in 12 days. Another 2WW. Infertility is a lot of hurry up and wait.

IVF #3 – 11dp5dt – Beta #1

I went for my first beta today. It was supposed to be tomorrow, but with the bleeding on Friday night I asked if I could go a day early.

I love the IHC hospitals in Utah. You can get results from blood work and radiology imaging way earlier. One time I was in the ER with OHSS (after IVF #1), and I was reading my CT scan results on my iPad about 15 min before the ER doctor came to tell me about them.

Anyway, I’ve been hitting “refresh” on my account every 5 min for the last 2.5 hours waiting for the results to show up.


Now of course what really matters is if on Wednesday my beta #2 is double that.

Hurry, Wednesday, hurry and get here!

I found this cool set of charts that show betas from thousands of women. 566 is just above the median hCG for twin pregnancies on 16dpo, but well below the highest hCG for singleton pregnancies on 16dpo.

After analyzing that, I thought, “Who cares! There’s a baby in there! Yay!”

UPDATE: 3:20pmThe nurse just called to tell us the results. She said that tomorrow they would have hope to see the hCG over 100 (!!) and since mine is so high to be prepared to possibly see more than one heartbeat. Which of course would be a dream come true!

IVF #3 – 9dp5dt

Today and yesterday I woke up wondering if I’m still pregnant. I did some HPTs (of course) to confirm the line was still there and, hopefully, getting darker. So far so good. I wish Tuesday would get here already so I can do my first beta.

The strange cramping that I had on day 6 is gone. I feel like a regular gal again. Except that I have massive bloating.

The bloating started around 7dp5dt I think. I ate popcorn that day and assumed that’s why I was bloated. But then I remembered today that a BFP can trigger OHSS. So as of this afternoon, I’m switching from water to Gatorade and eating a lot more protein. And I’m going to sleep on the recliner for a few nights instead of laying flat.

Like an idiot I left my progesterone in the car for over an hour and it got hot. I’m on my way to the specialty pharmacy now to see if they’ll let me buy a new bottle. If I use this bottle and I have a miscarriage I’ll never forgive myself.

IVF #3 – 7dp5dt

I have a secret this morning. I bet you can guess what it is.


Do you see it? Here’s my 7 days of POAS since transfer:


The ironic thing is that I spent all that money on the FRERs and I saw it first on the Wondfos 🙂

I’d like to say I’m being cautiously optimistic, but I’m not. I’m just plain excited! A tiny part of my brain keeps telling me to not get too excited, but I can’t help it! AAAAHHHH!!

I’m 3 weeks 5 days pregnant.


IVF #3 – 6dp5dt

Until today I would have said I don’t really have any symptoms from the progesterone in oil shots. I don’t even have any pain or redness at the injection sites. I’ve had weird twinges of pain the last few days that could be from my uterus or from my bowels. It’s hard to tell which one even right now, except today they feel a little more like period cramps than before. And they’re incessant.

My POAS every day experiment is still going. I let myself get paranoid yesterday that my Wondfos might not be working so I broke down and bought some FRER tests. It was negative.

Now I’m mad that I did that because I spent $28 on 5 FRER tests and then last night I found the cutest maternity shirt at the Gap that’s $20 + shipping. If I wasn’t such a paranoid freak I could have gotten the shirt!!

Well, back to work now. It sure is difficult to concentrate on anything that’s not fertility related.

IVF #3 – 3dp5dt

I haven’t blogged much the past few days because not much has happened. It’s kind of a let down. All these weeks and months preparing for the moment of embryo transfer and now… we wait. You know that feeling when finals are finally over but you find yourself feeling like you can’t relax because you keep thinking you’re supposed to be doing something? That you must be forgetting something? That’s how I feel.

I did almost forget to do the 10 IU Lupron booster shot the day after transfer but remembered when it was time for the progesterone shot.

It was nearly impossible for me to sit around and do nothing for 2 days after the transfer. I kept forgetting that I was supposed to be relaxing and not doing anything that might make my uterus contract. I have no idea what makes a uterus contract, but resting should help prevent it.

I’ve POAS every day just like I wanted to. All 3 tests have been negative, as expected.

I don’t think I’ve felt any twinges or anything that might count as implantation pains. For the first day or 2 I had some pain that I think was in my bladder. That’s gone away now. Even if I did feel anything I wouldn’t trust it because the progesterone side effects include cramping!

So… we wait.

We went to dinner at a friend’s house tonight. Even though her own sister struggled for years with severe infertility she doesn’t get it that it’s rude to ask people all the time about when they’re going to have kids. Before dinner she bugged us about it and the other couple that came to dinner. And then during dinner, out of the blue, “I’m ten weeks pregnant with baby 3. We weren’t even trying.” Blah blah blah.

I hope these babies stick. I’ll feel like such a failure if they don’t.