IVF #3 – Embryo Transfer Day

I can’t believe we’re finally here! I’m excited to hear how all our little embabies did yesterday and overnight. I hope they’re still growing strong. I’m taking a few pictures during the drive because I want to document this day.

I woke up this morning to a text message from my sister, “Happy Getting Knocked Up Day!! Woot woot!” Which made me laugh and definitely started my day off right!

And then I saw this article about researchers growing retinas from stem cells and I thought, “What an amazing time we live in to witness such discoveries and accomplishments!”

9:50 am:

Called back to the transfer room where I’m instructed to get undressed from the waist down. My mom and Mr.E both came into the room, too. It was a cool room, with 2 doors. One door where patients enter from and a Dutch door that connects directly to the Andrology Lab. We waited for a little while for the doctor. Then he came in around 10:10 with the embryo report. 4 of the little embryos dropped out which left us with 6. He recommended transferring 2 which would give us a 60% chance of pregnancy.

The other 4 embryos will continue to grow in the lab for another day or 2 to see if they will make it to be frozen.

He showed us the picture of the two embabies to be transferred:

And then after signing consent forms I was given 2 Valium tablets. Then he turned off the lights in the room and instructed me to relax and have about 20 minutes of quiet time.


This was SUCH an incredible experience! There is a tv in the room that is connected to the microscope in the Andrology Lab. On it, we saw the embryologist slide a label under the scope that had my name on it. And then we got to see the actual embryos in real time!!! Then he used a catheter-thing to “suck” the embryos up and we watched them go up the tube! It was really amazing. Then the embryologist walked into the room carrying the catheter tube thing, which contained the embryos, like it was a valuable or sacred piece of artwork. Then he slid it into the catheter that the doctor had already gotten place correctly in my cervix through to my uterus. The entire time all this was happening, a nurse was holding the ultrasound probe on my stomach. She got a great picture of the embryos and the culturing media entering the uterine cavity:


This is a very zoomed in photograph of the ultrasound machine. The culturing media is the bright white oblong shape just under the green plus sign pointer. The embryos are in there somewhere.

And then the embryologist went back into the lab to verify that the embryos were no longer in the catheter tube.

The whole transfer part only took a few minutes.


After the procedure they left the lights off and then had us have more quiet time for 30-45 min. The doctor told me stare at the ultrasound screen and do focal meditation to help the babies stick πŸ™‚ I did a lot of that, but my mind definitely wandered! I still haven’t felt the effects of the Valium, which I’m surprised by.


I’m home now. Mr.E made me a copy-cat Peanut Butter Moo’d Jamba Juice smoothie which was SO yummy. Still haven’t felt the effects of the Valium. Maybe because I’m so excited to be PUPO?!

On our way home from the clinic I sent pictures of the embryos to my family. My brother said, “They look just like you!” πŸ™‚

Feeling joyful and hopeful! What a wonderful day. Regardless of outcome, I will always remember it and treasure it!


12 thoughts on “IVF #3 – Embryo Transfer Day

    • My pleasure! Getting a diagnosis of azoospermia is completely devastating. I started the blog to help me sort through my feelings and because I figured if my experiences can help someone else through this then maybe it’s all worth it. I never thought I would get to a point where I’m not only ok with donor sperm, but I am thrilled and so excited for what the future holds!!

  1. Question for you, did you get up and pee before having the quiet time after the transfer or did you just have to lay there with a full bladder the whole time?

  2. ummm..not fair! Not only did I have to drink a ton of water to make my bladder super full, but my RE kept me waiting an extra 45 min!!!! He was late and I was laying there for an HOUR about to die I had to pee so bad, and then had to lay there quietly with a full bladder for 20 min after. I am telling him next time I’m not doing that, lol.

  3. How did your 4 other embryos do? How many were you able to freeze? P.S. I know it’s weird because I don’t know you, but I am so thrilled that you are pregnant!

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