IVF #3 – 6dp5dt

Until today I would have said I don’t really have any symptoms from the progesterone in oil shots. I don’t even have any pain or redness at the injection sites. I’ve had weird twinges of pain the last few days that could be from my uterus or from my bowels. It’s hard to tell which one even right now, except today they feel a little more like period cramps than before. And they’re incessant.

My POAS every day experiment is still going. I let myself get paranoid yesterday that my Wondfos might not be working so I broke down and bought some FRER tests. It was negative.

Now I’m mad that I did that because I spent $28 on 5 FRER tests and then last night I found the cutest maternity shirt at the Gap that’s $20 + shipping. If I wasn’t such a paranoid freak I could have gotten the shirt!!

Well, back to work now. It sure is difficult to concentrate on anything that’s not fertility related.

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