IVF #3 – 9dp5dt

Today and yesterday I woke up wondering if I’m still pregnant. I did some HPTs (of course) to confirm the line was still there and, hopefully, getting darker. So far so good. I wish Tuesday would get here already so I can do my first beta.

The strange cramping that I had on day 6 is gone. I feel like a regular gal again. Except that I have massive bloating.

The bloating started around 7dp5dt I think. I ate popcorn that day and assumed that’s why I was bloated. But then I remembered today that a BFP can trigger OHSS. So as of this afternoon, I’m switching from water to Gatorade and eating a lot more protein. And I’m going to sleep on the recliner for a few nights instead of laying flat.

Like an idiot I left my progesterone in the car for over an hour and it got hot. I’m on my way to the specialty pharmacy now to see if they’ll let me buy a new bottle. If I use this bottle and I have a miscarriage I’ll never forgive myself.

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