IVF #3 – 11dp5dt – Beta #1

I went for my first beta today. It was supposed to be tomorrow, but with the bleeding on Friday night I asked if I could go a day early.

I love the IHC hospitals in Utah. You can get results from blood work and radiology imaging way earlier. One time I was in the ER with OHSS (after IVF #1), and I was reading my CT scan results on my iPad about 15 min before the ER doctor came to tell me about them.

Anyway, I’ve been hitting “refresh” on my account every 5 min for the last 2.5 hours waiting for the results to show up.


Now of course what really matters is if on Wednesday my beta #2 is double that.

Hurry, Wednesday, hurry and get here!

I found this cool set of charts that show betas from thousands of women. 566 is just above the median hCG for twin pregnancies on 16dpo, but well below the highest hCG for singleton pregnancies on 16dpo.

After analyzing that, I thought, “Who cares! There’s a baby in there! Yay!”

UPDATE: 3:20pmThe nurse just called to tell us the results. She said that tomorrow they would have hope to see the hCG over 100 (!!) and since mine is so high to be prepared to possibly see more than one heartbeat. Which of course would be a dream come true!

7 thoughts on “IVF #3 – 11dp5dt – Beta #1

  1. omgggggg!!!! It seems like this is all happening so fast…. in a good way of course!! It’s surreal! I am over the moon for you!! 😀

  2. I was just googling earthing and infertility and stumbled upon your blog. Can I ask if you were still using earthing techniques while doing your IVF #3? 🙂 thanks and CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Baby dust bady dust baby dust baby dust..

    • Yes! Aside from the nights when I slept on the recliner after retrieval, I sleep on the earthing sheet every night. I have no idea if it helped me fertility, but I do sleep better and it was wonderful to go through the winter without a fear of light switches hurting me!

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