IVF #3 – 6 Weeks 2 Days Pregnant – 1st Ultrasound

Longest 18 days ever, but we finally made it!

3:56pm: We are sitting in the waiting room for our very first ultrasound!!! I have a few butterflies in my stomach. For the last couple weeks I’ve been hoping for twins, but right now I will feel so grateful if there’s any baby at all.

4:05pm: We’re still in the waiting room. Almost all of our family members live out of state, one lives in Japan, so we wanted to film the ultrasound today. We bought a new memory stick for the camera and a tripod so that Mr.E can just watch and relax and live in the moment during the ultrasound. Eeeee!!! Call our name, please!!!!

5:18pm: We’re on our way home. We saw TWO beautiful heartbeats! Baby A measures 6w1d and sac measures 6w0d. Baby B measures 6w2d and sac measures 6w4d. AAHHHH we’re in heaven!

I asked if we should be worried about Baby A being a little behind, but the doctor said that we have a 3 day leeway on the crown to rump measurements. Baby A is just 1 day behind my actual, so he thinks it’s just fine.

Mr.E is a firefighter and there’s a funny joke: what does the Mexican firefighter name his twin sons? Jose and Hose B šŸ™‚ Mr.E told that joke to the doctor who thought it was hilarious!

9 thoughts on “IVF #3 – 6 Weeks 2 Days Pregnant – 1st Ultrasound

  1. wow…..seeing you get to this point really does me good….it’s emotional. I am so, so happy for you…..love the progress reports. Girl, enjoy every single second, you deserve this. Congrats!!

  2. That’s wonderful news!! Congratulations!! I’m not sure about the joke though, haha šŸ™‚

    Here’s to a happy and healthy 8ish months šŸ™‚

    • Haha I know! The joke is totally dorky!! We heard it for the first time on Everybody Loves Raymond (episode called Grandpa Steals, I think), which is my very favorite show of all time! Thank you for the well wishes, they are much appreciated!

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