IVF #3 – 6 Weeks 6 Days Pregnant

At my ultrasound on Monday the doctor went over my (extensive) list of supplements and my medications. Other than the estradiol and PIO shots, the only other prescription medication I take is Nature-throid. It’s natural desiccated thyroid (NDT). A more well-known brand of NDT is called Armour. I’m a really big believer in people using NDT as much as possible instead of Synthroid / levothyroxine / levoxyl, which I think are synthetic crap.

Anyway, so as I listed each vitamin and drug, he didn’t have much comment until we got to the Nature-throid. He said that on Saturdays and Sundays I should double my dose because the babies would be taking some of it. This is the first time I have ever heard this. In fact, in my own research prior to getting pregnant I thought I read that hCG from the placenta triggers the pituitary to release more TSH, which would naturally increase my own thyroid hormone output. I thought this meant that I would need to decrease my dose, but apparently not. That was an interesting tidbit of information.

I called my naturopath who prescribes my thyroid medications (FYI – don’t ever bother going to an endocrinologist for thyroid problems, they just.dont.get.it.) to get my thyroid bloodwork done again. He also ordered a Complete Metabolic Panel which tests stuff like calcium, sodium, potassium, etc. Would you believe I’m on the cusp of hyponatremia? Hyponatremia is low sodium in the blood. In my case it is probably caused by OHSS. My level is 135 and normal is 137-146.

So, of course I freak out thinking I’m killing the babies because I’m grossed out by Gatorade after drinking it for the last few weeks. I went back to drinking water about a week ago but the bloating and discomfort had come back. I ignored it because it wasn’t too bad I thought. And because the thought of more Gatorade made me want to puke. Anyway so I feel guilty like I’m hurting them because their little placentas are gonna be all dried up because there’s no fluid for them because there’s none in my blood.

Needless to say I’m back on the Gatorade and I had canned soup for lunch and I’ll probably have more for dinner. Anything processed is loaded with sodium.

I also decided that if we do another IVF someday I think we should take our chances and not do a fresh transfer. OHSS is so incredibly uncomfortable. There’s no way to escape it once you have it. It’s not quite unbearable, but close. And I’m not even severe. Probably just mild. Of course I say this now, but I’ll probably change my mind back when the time comes because I know it’s worth it in the long run.

In other interesting developments, about a week ago my hands started falling asleep while sleeping. If I lay on my right, my left hand falls asleep and vice versa. I’ll probably buy some carpal tunnel wrist braces to sleep in.

Seeing the heartbeats really did help me be less anxious. I didn’t think it would but it has. I know I’m doing everything I can to make this work, so if something goes wrong it will be because of something out of my control. I’m taking good thyroid meds, the proper B vitamins for MTHFR, baby aspirin for MTHFR, drinking my Gatorade, eating grass fed and organic meats, drinking organic milk, etc.

I’ll close this post with the Serenity Prayer:


5 thoughts on “IVF #3 – 6 Weeks 6 Days Pregnant

  1. that is such an amazing prayer that has sustained me so many times πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the update. I meant to ask you but kept forgetting – how many ended up making it to freeze? You reminded me when you mentioned next time not doing fresh.

    • Isn’t it wonderful? I think I heard it the very first time on an episode of the original 90210. Probably Dylan was going to AA or something. Anyway, it made me cry and I tried to remember it. It was a couple years before I came across it again and memorized it.

      We have 2 frozen. One is “good” and the other is “borderline.” Silly me, I had hoped ours would be miracle embryos and that every single one would make it πŸ™‚ But we are so grateful that we even had one at all. This baby making thing is so miraculous and spectacular, I’m in denial that anyone anywhere actually has it happen spontaneously!

      • I know right….I have the same thought about how does this ever happen, much less all the “accidents”…wow. lol. Re: your frozen embies…..don’t worry, I think it has very little to do with the “quality”, at least with respect to the grading system…I learned that first hand. We had four AA day fives and one AB day six. Transferred one of the day fives and did not get pregnant. Anyone would have thought from the “quality” everything would have gone as planned….even my RE told me I “really disappointed him” (ah, yeah….I’m going to tell myself you did NOT mean that how it came out πŸ˜‰ So, when you go back to do those cycles, which will be really easy in comparison, without all the meds, there is no reason to believe you have less of a chance of success….from my understanding.

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