IVF #3 – 9 Weeks 0 Days

I had a funny dream last night. I dreamt that Mr.E slept with someone else and he had to tell me because she got pregnant. Of course I was very upset and I kicked him out.

As he was leaving I realized all of a sudden, “Wait a minute. She got pregnant? That means he has sperm!!!” So I ran after him trying to catch up to him to tell him to stop and come back.

Now that I’m awake I think it’s funny that I forgave the infidelity so instantly just because he had sperm 🙂

On the TTC front, we don’t get to see the babies again until Friday, 9w6d. That appointment is with a Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor. I hope I like the doctor because I wasn’t thrilled with the regular OB. He has an obsession with just looking at TSH for hypothyroid. The TSH test is a joke.

Anyway, then the following week we’ll have an appointment with the IVF clinic. If things are still going smoothly, we’ll be released and sent on our way!

4 thoughts on “IVF #3 – 9 Weeks 0 Days

  1. That is hilarious! I love dreams.

    I’m confused about the maternal fetal medicine doctor….does that replace your regular OB that you weren’t crazy about? What made you find the MFM Dr? I’ve never heard of that….

    • Maternal Fetal Medicine is just a fancier/longer name for a perinatologist or high risk OB. I think I might switch to the MFM for a couple reasons, but I don’t have to. I might just see them every couple months as to consult. One major reason I would switch is because they deliver at 2 hospitals, one that has a Level I NICU (34+ weeks gestation) that is only 5-8 min away and the other is a Level III NICU that can take babies of any gestation which is about 30 min away.

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