IVF #3 – 19 Weeks 0 Days – Halfway Point

Funny how time changes things. Sometimes I find myself in awe that this is actually happening. When we go for ultrasounds, I have a tiny suspicion that it’s fake.

We went for our anatomy scan yesterday. The babies are 10oz and 11oz. Baby A is a GIRL! And Baby B is a BOY!!

Because it seems too good to be true, I find myself imagining all the things that could go wrong. For example, physical things with the babies like pre-term labor, pre-eclampsia, knots in their cords, blood clots, etc. And then after they’re born, what if my BIL, our donor, goes psycho and decides he wants custody or something crazy. We never had him sign any legal documents.

I guess the worries never end. But I’m grateful we get to have the worries. Every day that they’re alive and kicking is a day to celebrate! And that’s what we’re trying to do every day!