About Mr. & Mrs. E

Mr. & Mrs. E got married in 2011, live in a cute condo that’s way too small, and have 2 little doggies that keep asking for a big yard to play in. Mrs.E is 33, Mr.E is 30. Neither exercise enough — ahem, at all — and both thoroughly enjoy using Netflix to catch up on 5 seasons of television shows in just a few short weeks (or days). Mrs.E loves CrossFit but is too scared of the pain to go back after a long hiatus.

Mrs.E wanted to start this blog for two reasons. First, because when the first semen analysis results came back with bad news, we wanted to know who, what, where, when, why but we couldn’t find anyone chronicling those details. If you’re wondering what certain tests are, how they feel, recovery time, etc. this blog will tell you our experiences.

The second reason was to have a journal that we can show the Little Es someday. After going through all this to have them they better never put us in a nursing home! 😉

Disclaimer: I am most definitely not a doctor. You should confirm anything and everything you’ve read here with your own research and by talking to your own doctor. YOU are your best advocate. Nobody cares more about you having a baby than you do. It’s your responsibility to do your own research and ask as many experts as many questions as you can. Good luck!

17 thoughts on “About Mr. & Mrs. E

  1. Hi! I am in the same boat as you. My husband was diagnosed with non-obstructive azoospermia in August 2012. It’s an emotional roller coaster! Email me if you want to talk about azoo. I don’t know anybody else going through this, so it might be good to support each other?

    • Mrs. E, just out of curiosity, how are things coming along for you? My husband also has non-obstructive azoospermia, diagnosed right around the same time – definitely nice to have some support from those who know what the experience is like!

  2. Hi, thank you for helping me fix my boo-boo 🙂 Hopefully you got to read my comment before deleting, but if not – no FET yet, but hoping to do in January. I read your updates, and pray that the mTESE produces sperm. But you know what, if it does not – just remember…..you just never know what God has in store for you. I have to give myself the same pep talk, so believe me, I know what you are going through! We may never have biological children, and I understand how sad and strange it is to have to give up that dream. But just trust in Him, that He has the best plan in store for you, more than you can ever ask or think….and if any little part of you doubts that, just look back on all the times He’s done it before, and how He’s never let you down, and always used disappointments for His glory. That’s the kind of God we serve  You hang in there! So glad you created this blog, I know a lot of people reading it can totally relate, and that is so encouraging. Keep us posted!!

    • Ashley, this note from you could not have been timed any better! Friday was a pretty bad day for me. I cried so hard that afternoon that I had broken blood vessels all over my upper and lower eyelids. I didn’t even know that was possible!

      I got my AMH results back Thursday night (.64, which is abysmal for a 32 year old) and then the IVF clinic called to say they’re having trouble coordinating our mTESE and my egg retrieval. They were/are considering postponing until February… Not what a girl who’s been waiting for mTESE for 15 months and who just found out she probably has Diminished Ovarian Reserve wants to hear!!!

      Trust in the Lord is good advice. My mom’s favorite scripture is, “Be still and know that I am God.” I’m really trying. It’s hard. Sometimes I think about Peter when he walked on the water and then lost faith. I imagine that this infertility thing is my walking-on-water test. And now I understand Peter’s hesitation and fear a little better. A lot better.

      Thank you again for the reminder to look toward our Heavenly Father for comfort and peace.

      • Yes! this IS your walking on water test!! You have to keep your eyes on HIM. Remember what happened as soon as Peter stopped doing that. Sinking. Not good. I too LOVE “Be still….” Has given me peace so many times through life, and He always made good on that promise. I am so sorry for the discouraging news last week. It is okay to cry. We are human, and having our emotions doesn’t mean we have any less faith….cry it out if you need to. Then when you’ve gotten it all out, wipe your tears and let your Father pick up the pieces. It sounds like this is just what you are doing. Proud of you. I am sorry to hear about your results…I am also 32 and remember well the day back in June when I got all my test results…..they had deteriorated so much since I had the levels done a year and 4 months prior (for one thing my AMH went from 1.63 to half that at .81), it just crushed me. It’s like, “what the heck, does fertility really just go off the deep end like this?!” I could not understand it and just felt like such a failure. Let me ask you – did they do an AFC? What about FSH? I think these things are also pretty big reflections of ovarian reserve….were they any better? Also, why can’t they just use your frozen eggs for the mTESE if they are having trouble coordinating with your cycle etc? Are you dead set on doing another fresh cycle?
        Back to the Peter thing….I imagine he was getting distracted by all that what-ifs in that situation….so easy to do. But let’s remember God knows how it all ends, there are no what-ifs and no surprises to Him. I am so happy to help provide you with encouragement you needed Friday…..will remain here to do so. God bless you Mrs. E 🙂 To bed!

  3. Hi! I’ve been reading this for the past two hours and it has made me feel so much better. Im 28 and my husband is 31. He was diagnosed with NOA is May 2016. We are waiting on genetic test results. He has high FSH and SHBG. I’m afraid the genetic tests will tell us that there is no sperm. He has a brother too, so that might be an option as well… Just wanted to share and say thank you for writing about all of this

    • Meg, I just wanted to tell you….three years later I’m replying to you looking at my beautiful almost five week old little boy sleeping in his swing!! TEARS OF JOY!!! Listen, don’t give up sweetie….you do not know what is in store for your life! Just follow where God leads you and keep telling Him, “your will, not mine” over and over again….pray that he continues to teach that to your heart. That is my encouragement for you 🙂 God bless

    • Hi Meg!
      I am in the same situation my husband has NOA, we are going to do mTESE in march hopefully. And have the option of donor sperm or he has a brother… still not sure how we feel about that. Has your husband had the surgery yet. Feel free to email me I’d love to have people to talk to. This is tough to do alone! Epiper29@yahoo.com

  4. Hi Mrs. E, I guess I will introduce myself as Mrs. R haha. Hey I wanted to say thanks for writing this blog. It has been really difficult for me to find anyone in a situation similar to mine. My husband and I have been dealing with infertility for 2 years now. We are so overwhelmed and heartbroken. We are at the point now that we need to consider using a sperm donor or adoption. It would be amazing to talk with someone that has been through this. I wonder if it is possible for us to talk somehow? Even just messages through my email would be great. Here’s the email you can message me at. fertilityquestions@yahoo.com thank you!!!

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