Tips for Getting Your Test Results Quickly

Want to get your 23andme results back super quick? Mr. E and I got ours back in 12 days.

Here are the steps to take to get your 23andme test results faster:

1. Register your kit online.

2. Ship it back overnight instead of using their free USPS shipping label (first class mail could take 2 weeks). You can use the same mailing address.

3. Answer the health questionnaire online right away. It will seriously delay the start of analyzing your DNA unless you’ve answered those questions.

Thats it! Once they start analyzing the DNA, it usually only takes 7 days to complete the health information.

Good luck!

Our 23andme Results

So, 2 weeks ago today I overnighted our test kits back to We got our results back today!

What is They do genetic testing. They check thousands of gene variations using one saliva sample for $99. Then they provide you with their interpretation of your data. For example, what risk you have for getting Alzheimer’s or Type II diabetes. They’ll also tell you other random facts like what your probable eye color is and what kind of earwax you have.

When I first visited their site I got annoyed because I couldn’t find the list of tests and choose which ones I wanted. That’s because there is only one test. And it tests for practically everything. For only $99!! It’s a steal. Do it already.

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