Thirteen More Eggs Frozen

Well looks like the dual trigger shot worked! Thirteen of 14 eggs were good enough quality to be cryopreserved. I used 20 IU Lupron and 4,000 IU hCG for my trigger. I also used 300mg CoQ10 and 75mg of DHEA starting with my birth control pills about 3-4 weeks before starting stims all the way through to retrieval day.

Last time with the agonist protocol (also called the Long Lupron protocol) only 8 of 12 eggs were good enough to be frozen. That time I used 10,000 IU hCG for my trigger. I used 200mg of CoQ10 and no DHEA.

To learn more about the dual trigger shot, see my post about it.

IVF #2 – Antagonist Cycle with Dual Trigger Shot

In this post I will discuss the differences between agonist and antagonist IVF protocols. If you would just like information about dual trigger shots, skip down to the bottom.

Because I had mild OHSS (ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome) with my last egg retrieval (agonist protocol), my IVF clinic wants me to do an antagonist cycle this time. The antagonist cycle should decrease the chance of having OHSS again.

Antagonist vs. Agonist Protocols
What’s the difference between an antagonist and an agonist cycle? From what I understand, it’s all about what drugs are used to prevent ovulation during stimulation and what drug is used for your trigger shot. It has nothing to do with which drugs are used for stimulation.

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IVF – Sonohyst and Trial Transfer

IVF #1, CD 7, Friday 12/7/12

Today was a pretty big day. I got my long-awaited IVF Calendar and I got my sonohyst and trial transfer.

My first question when Dr.M told me I needed to get a “sonohyst” was, “What the heck is a sonohyst?” My second question was, “How much is that going to hurt?”

A sonohyst (short for sonohysterogram) is a transvaginal ultrasound accompanied by a catheter that pushes saline solution into your uterus. In an IVF clinic they use this procedure to check for anything that might hinder the success of an IVF cycle like a polyp. You can read more about the sonohyst procedure here.

A trial transfer is basically going thru the motions of an embryo transfer without the embryos. At first I thought that the trial transfer sounded kind of silly and was probably a waste of my time. But after my experience today, I think it was time and money well spent.
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My IVF Calendar

IVF #1, CD7, Friday 12/7/12

Well today was a pretty big day: I got my IVF Calendar and I had the sonohyst and trial transfer. I’ll devote this post to the calendar.

At this clinic, the agonist protocol apparently starts out the same for everyone: start birth control pills on Cycle Day 3. Then you stay on the BCP until you start the Lupron shots. And by “stay on the BCP” I really mean stay on the BCP: you don’t take the placebo pills at all like you would normally do with BCP. You have to do the BCP for at least 2 weeks before moving to the next step.

After you’ve been on BCP for at least 2 weeks, the next step is adding Lupron shots. Lupron is used to suppress ovulation (they don’t want you to ovulate too soon). At this clinic, everyone starts Lupron on a Sunday and you start with 10 units. For the first 7 days, you will take BCP and give yourself the Lupron shots.

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Cycle Day 6 – Emotional Rollercoaster

So far there are 4 people who know our situation: Mr.E, my mom, my BFF, and me. Why are we keeping it so secret? Well, you can’t unring a bell. Once people know there’s no going backwards and you can’t stop the flow of information from them to others. I don’t want people feeling sorry for me or constantly asking if I feel ok or how I’m doing with a pitiful look on their faces. First of all I can’t stand that. But second of all my “game face” is pretty fragile and sometimes the slightest thing can make it crumble!

Here’s a snippet of an email I sent today to my BFF who recently got married and wants a gazillion kids 🙂

When you wrote earlier today the surgery was next Friday 12/14. It’s been an emotional roller coaster of a day with fears we would have to wait until Jan 4 or even a week after that because the hospital notified us of a scheduling problem this morning. But they just moved it to Thursday, a week from today, thank goodness! So actually it’s a day before the original appt. Its 90% set for Thursday, anyway, just need a note from Mr.E’s doctor for his professor so that he can take his final exam early.

We will find out right away if they found any sperm. I mean, I think it’s within minutes of cutting because if they find some they freeze them right then. So a week from today I’ll know if I get to have kids.
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Cycle Day 3 – birth control pills

IVF#1 – CD3, Monday, 12/3/12

Well, I’ve been waiting for this day since 9/18/12 when we got Mr.E’s first semen analysis results back with a big fat 0. I knew it would lead to IVF with ICSI. I had no idea at the time what would be involved with an IVF cycle, though I had a vague idea of needles and hormones.

I was very surprised to hear that birth control pills are the first step to an IVF cycle, though it makes sense now. Basically the follicles on your ovaries are all at a slightly different stage of development. Taking BCP for 2-3 weeks is sort of like hitting a reset button for your next cycle. Then the doctor will be able to grab as many mature eggs as possible on your scheduled ovulation day (about 40 days from today, I think), now called Egg Retrieval Day.

I won’t get my personalized IVF protocol with what hormones I’ll be taking until this Friday, but I was told to start these BCP on CD3 and to call in to make an appt for a sonohyst and a trial transfer. I’ll get you more details about what those entail as soon as I have them.

I’m very excited! I’ve had butterflies in my stomach all day! Praying they’ll find sperm during Mr.E’s TESE in 10 days.

Here is a link to an IVF Cycle Calculator.