Fertility Timeline

June 2012
– remove Mrs.E’s IUD so we can start trying!
September 2012
– Mr.E’s first semen analysis results: ZERO sperm
– lab work testing and scrotal ultrasound
– planned TESE for November
November 2012
– MRI brain (to rule out prolactinoma)
– TESE rescheduled for December
December 2012
– cancel TESE
– phone consultation with Dr. Schlegel at Cornell
January 2013
– Dr. Schlegel confirms varicocele in left testicle
March 2013
– subinguinal varicocelectomy (varicocele repair)
May 2013
– semen analysis: zero sperm
June 2013
– 3 month follow-up scrotal ultrasound
– 3 month follow-up bloodwork, testosterone increased to 660, FSH increased to 17.1 from 15.4
– Mrs.E begins BCP for egg retrieval (IVF #1)
July 2013
– Mr.E thyroid testing on a hunch
– he has Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and mild hypothyroidism
– Mrs.E’s egg retrieval (30 follicles, but only 12 eggs retrieved, 8 mature)
– two semen samples within 2 hours on egg retrieval day: both zero sperm
August 2013
– Mr. E started Armour .5 grains
– increased Armour to 1 grain after 2 weeks
– start gluten, dairy, sugar free diet to reduce inflammation
– semen analysis: zero sperm
September 2013
– thyroid follow-up blood work shows no improvement in Hashimoto’s, increase Armour to 1.5 grains
– MTHFR testing for both Mr.E and Mrs.E
– Mr.E is hetero for MTHFR A1298C
– Mrs.E is hetero for MTHFR C677T
– removed all supplements containing folic acid
planned mTESE with Dr. Jim Hotaling at University of Utah, January 2014
– 6 month post-varicocele repair semen analysis: zero sperm
October 2013
– copper:zinc ratio too high, add 60mg of zinc per day
November 2013
– thyroid follow-up bloodwork shows higher antibodies and lower Free T3
– increase Armour from 1.5 to 2 grains
January 2014
– IVF#2, antagonist protocol with dual trigger for egg retrieval
– mTESE on Jan 21 reveals severe Sertoli Cell Only Syndrome with 0 sperm and 0 sperm germ cells
– 14 eggs retrieved, 13 mature
– total of 21 eggs on ice
May 2014
– Mr.E’s brother and his wife agree to be our sperm donor after meeting with the Reproductive Psychologist
June 2014
– IVF #3, egg retrieval yielded 11 eggs, 10 mature
– ICSI with donor sperm, ALL 10 fertilized!
July 2014
– 4 of 10 made it to blastocyst
– transferred 2
– BFP 7dp5dt

5 thoughts on “Fertility Timeline

  1. I just want to hug you both! You have been through so much! Thank goodness for Mr. E’s brother and his wife and their willingness to help you achieve your dreams! I cannot wait to hear your results!

  2. Hello,
    This is a great blog thanks for the info. I was wondering which clinic you switched to that allows a 7 day waiting period for a known donor?

    My current clinic is insisting on 6 months to use my known donor but in my situation this seems silly.

    • Hi, Chelsea! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I originally switched to (clinic names removed because of this disaster) but then last week my original clinic, (clinic names removed because of this disaster), changed their rules to allow the 7 day testing for patients doing IVF with ICSI.

      Each clinic will have their own rules based on their interpretation of the FDA rules. If your clinic is under the impression that 7 day testing is not FDA approved, I would start by calling the office manager and directing him to the links on my blog post about it.

      If your clinic already understands the quarantine exception for directed donors, but they are concerned about the liability for making the exception… then you might be up a creek. But you could talk to the office manager about the possibility of doing ICSI which almost completely removes any liability for the clinic.

      If you’re ok with finding a new clinic, then you can use this link to find clinics that will work with directed donors. There’s a good chance that you’ll be able to find one that allows the 7 day testing.

      Let us know how it goes! Or if you have any other questions!

  3. Am so glad i chanced upon your webpage. It’s given me so much hope. DH’s second SA came back and zero sperm. We are seeing the fertility doctor in May and am just ready for what the next ‘news’ will be. I sometimes wish there was nothing like azoospermia. Its just devastating to know your dh has it. For now, am keeping hope alive. Thanks for this blog. Will keep you updated . Happy you guys get to have twins. I can’t wait for my own.

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